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Stockwell's Nutrition Services

Nutrition Counseling (Phone & email only)

Are you looking for alternative solutions to health issues that are all natural and do not rely on medications?

Are you willing to change your eating habits to eliminate problems, or use herbs and supplements if needed?

Nutrition solutions are gentler and kinder, but usually do not work overnight like a silver bullet.

Some Stockwell's Nutrition Counseling recommendations you will not get with anyone else.

Stockwell's Nutrition Services provides all natural solutions for prevention, symptom relief and condition resolutions by eliminating the underlying causes of conditions and sources of risk factors that may be preventing your body's natural healing. Risk factors may include toxins in the food, water or air, missing nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and eating of inappropriate foods.

New research has shown that certain nutrients can actually improve memory or prevent dementia. Reduced blood flow may also be a critical issue leading to memory loss and slow thinking, as well as cold hand or feet, neuropathy, loss of vision and hearing, and  heart problems. There are specific herbs and foods that can improve blood flow.

Inflammation is now accepted as a root cause of many chronic diseases. It can be reduced with some natural foods and supplements and increased with others.

Winter conditions such as depression and increased number of colds and flu may be eliminated simply with the proper intake of vitamin D. Getting sun in the summer will not provide a winter supply. The amount needed for optimum protection varies with individuals. The amount recommended by the medical profession may not be adequate.

Newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled with self testing and carbohydrate control in most individuals, without medications, if adequate attention to details is followed. I know, as I am doing it. 

Nutrition areas of most interest include the following, but other conditions can be addressed.

Nutrition for chronic diseases and prevention, including weight loss, cardiovascular nutrition, diabetes, renal (kidney nutrition), pulmonary (lung nutrition), and allergies and many more.

Prevention and improved control of chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, lung diseases, kidney diseases and arthritis can be done with appropriate nutrition for many people.

What you eat has a big impact on the nutrients and building blocks available for your body to use to keep healthy. If missing just one critical nutrient some body function may not be able to work properly.

For example, the thyroid requires iodine as part of the thyroid output hormone T4. If you do not eat table salt which has been fortified with iodine, what foods or supplements do you eat to provide the iodine to your thyroid? Your thyroid gland controls your metabolism, among other things, which may relate to overweight or obesity.

This is just one example. There are many, many other nutrients needed for every part of the body to function and prevent diseases such as: foods and nutrients to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, increase good cholesterol (HDL), improve heart function, prevent calcium from depositing in arteries, improve energy levels, improve liver functioning, increase lung capacity. Every part of the body needs specific nutrients to continue to function optimally.  

Nutrition Counseling can be done by phone (802-363-8022) or online.

The cost is a $25.00 per session, payable at the time the service is provided.

Payment may be made in cash, by check or paypal. To pay on the internet click below.


Online consultations are done as shown below.

1.) Send me an email describing your goals for the nutrition consultation.

2.) Relevant information such as your current diet, health, exercise, goals,  any existing conditions, relevant family history, and current medications will be requested. Blood lab work results are optional, but often helpful if available, Providing your height and weight, a food log for 3 days, including all food and fluid consumed with estimate amounts such as 1/2 cup, 3 ounces, etc. may be need in some cases. The more information you provide the more accurate can be the nutrition help.

3.) Your information will be analyzed in light of your requested goals. You will be sent very detailed feedback to address your goals which may include information about your current diet, lifestyle, vitamins, minerals, supplements or other foods (such as herbs and spices) that may help you achieve your goals. There is no charge for follow up clarifications.  Follow up consultations can be scheduled to provide on going support.

Some areas of interest may be all natural ways to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lose weight, increase energy level, reduce muscle pain, improve cardiovascular functioning, reduce shortness of breath, reduce inflammatory conditions, reduce free radical and oxidation damage, control blood sugar, and deal with allergies.

For individual consultations, the cost is a $25.00 per session, payable at the time the service is provided.

Payment may be made in cash, by check or on the internet. To pay on the internet click below.


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Dean Stockwell is a Nutrition Professional with a bachelor of science degree in Nutrition & Food Science and Dietetics from the University of Vermont . He is a certified nutritional herbalist. This gives Dean a unique perspective regarding nutrition and ways that nutrients can help prevent sickness and disease by keeping the body in optimum health. Dean worked at the Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin, NH for more than 5 years, and at the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook, NH. He has a farm in Colebrook, NH, where he raises Certified Organic vegetables and herbs for sale at the farm.   

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