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Orders can be made by email (deanastock@aol.com)  and paid for and picked up at the farm (cash) or at North Country Marketplace (cash or credit) in Colebrook, NH. Orders can also be paid online via PayPal and picked up only at the farm. Note: if picking up an order at the NC Marketplace, order by email and pay at the NC Marketplace. Do not use PayPal.      


Updated 7/28/2019

Stockwell Farms  web site is at http://www.stockwellfarms.com/available_vegetables.htm

Stockwell Farms grows certified organic vegetables, herbs and plants to provide and grow the most healthy food. They are available at the farm during growing season, online (see below) and at the North Country Marketplace. During, and long after the growing season, Stockwell Farms provides delicious, safe and healthy vegetables and herbs grown organically without  pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Organic food is not expensive! Buy our plants and grow your own! Look for specials, frequently available. See the list below for vegetables and herbs currently available.   Stockwell Farms is a member of the North Country Farmers Coop.

Where is Stockwell Farms? The farm is located at 457 Diamond Pond Road, Colebrook, NH. It is 2 miles up Diamond Pond Road from route 26. Look for the greenhouse on the left. If you reach Harvey Swell Road (on the left), you just past the farm.

Shipping is not available for foods and plants listed on this page.  

Do Not Order items with ZERO stock!



  SKU Price Stock Order
Vegetables & Herbs Currently Available        
Beet Greens (bunch) SFBeetGreens $3.00 5

Chervil cut, per ounce SFCherviloz $2.00 1

Chives (bunch) SFCHIVES $2.00 1

Collard Greens per 1/2 lb SFCollard $2.00 1

Cucumbers, Baby per bag (4) SFBCukes $2.00 2

Garlic Scapes per pound SFScapes $6.00 1

Garlic Red Russian (medium size) 1.0-2.0 inch diameter. SFGARLICEACH $2.00 2

Kale, Green Leafy per lb SFGLKale $4.00 10

Lettuce, Butterhead, (Pirat), per pound SFLetBHlb $4.00 1

Lettuce, Green Leaf, per pound SFGLLetlb $4.00 5

Lettuce, Red Leaf, per pound SFRLLetlb $4.00 5

Lettuce, Romaine, per pound SFRomaine $4.00 5

Oregano, Greek, cut per oz SFOreganooz $2.00 2

Parsley (bunch) SFParsley $2.00 1

Peas, Sugar Snap per 1/2 lb bag SFPeasSnap $2.00 5

Peas, Snow per 1/2 lb bag SFPeasSnow $2.00 5

Sage, cut per ounce SFSageoz $2.00 3

Scallions (bunch) SFScallions $2.00 1

Squash, Blue Hubbard, Cooked, Freeze Dried, Pt Jar SFBHFD $8.00 20


Squash, Butternut, Cooked, Freeze Dried  Pt Jar SFBNFD $8.00 20

Squash, Summer each SFSummer $0.75 10

Squash, Zucchini each SFZucchini $0.75 10

Swiss Chard per 1/2 lb SFSwissChard $2.00 10

Thyme, cut per ounce SFThymeoz $2.00 4


Item Description





Plants available now        
Kale, green leafy, Darkibor SFKaleGL $3.00 10


Pepper, Sweet, Bell SFPepperBell $3.00 4

Tomato, Grape SFGrapeTom $3.00 6

Tomato, Moskvich  SFBeefsteakTom $3.00 1

Angelica SFAngelica $3.00 2

Chervil SFChervil $3.00 2

Chives SFChives $3.00 1

Cilantro SFCilantro $3.00 1

Echinacea, Purpurea SFEchinacea $3.00 1

Lemon Balm SFLBalm $3.00 2

Lovage SFLovage $3.00 4

Oregano, Greek SFOregano $3.00 10

Parsley, Curly SFCParsley $3.00 1

Parsley, Italian SFIParsley $3.00 1

Peppermint SFPeppermint $3.00 1

Sage SFSage $3.00 1

Thyme SFThyme $3.00 1

Edible Flowers in 12 inch hanging pots        
Anise Hyssop SFAniseHyssop $9.00 3

Borage SFBorage $9.00 3

Calendula SFCalendula $9.00 3

Nasturtium SFNasturium $9.00 3









Stockwell Farm Greenhouse June 28,2010

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